Target: Terror

Blast terrorists with t-shirts wrapped around their heads in this light-gun game from Raw Thrills.

Target: Terror is an arcade shooter developed and published by Raw Thrills in 2004. It was designed by Eugene Jarvis, a designer best known for his work on arcade classics such as Defender and Robotron. Target: Terror was later released on the Wii by Konami, and a sequel entitled Target: Terror 2 is currently in development.

Target: Terror is a rail-based shooter where the player cannot control the movement of the camera, but can use a light gun to shoot at enemies as they appear on screen. The game has the player taking on terrorist forces across the United States, including recognizable locations like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Denver Airport, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. After defeating the terrorists in these locations, the player is deployed to a hijacked plane, which they must prevent from performing a suicide attack on the White House.