F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

A continuation of the F-Zero franchise and one of the few launch titles for the Game Boy Advance.


Maximum Velocity was developed Nd Cube as a launch title for the Game Boy Advance. Maximum Velocity and the original F-Zero have much in common, because each were launch titles for their respective systems as a show piece for the systems capabilities. Maximum Velocity has a very similar graphical style as the original F-Zero using the Mode 7 to simulate 3D graphics. Maximum Velocity is the only F-Zero title to not feature Captain Falcon or other racers from the original F-Zero.


The game's art style is very similar to the original F-Zero
The game's art style is very similar to the original F-Zero

The gameplay in Maximum Velocity is extremely similar to all the previous F-Zero games, but is most similar to the original F-Zero. In Maximum Velocity there are a series of Grand Prixs each with five tracks to race. The game involves piloting futuristic racing crafts through tracks with the main objective being to come in first by the end of the race. As each lap is completed the player must be in at a high enough ranking in the race otherwise they are eliminated. With each set of grand prixs the tracks will gradually get harder. There's also a choice of difficulty to choose from for each grand prix, and this will change the skill of the computer opponents in a race. There are four different grand prixs in the game- Pawn Series, Knight Series, Bishop Series and Queen Series.

There was also a multiplayer component to Maximum Velocity. It is up to four other players with a Game Boy link cable, and there the option of using either a multi card option or single card option. There are more features when using a multi card play, and can play an entire series of tracks against other players. Whereas with the single card play it was limited to only one track to race on.


There are four vehicles to choose from at the very start of Maximum Velocity, and there are six unlockable vehicles. The four available vehicles are:

  • Hot Violet
  • Fireball
  • J.B. Crystal
  • Wind Walker

The six other vehicles that are unlockable upong winning challenges are

  • Sly Joker
  • Sting Ray
  • Silver Thunder
  • Falcon MK-II
  • Fighting Comet
  • Jet Vermilion

Each car has its own specific statistics usually involved with speed, handling and boost power. The statistics affect each race greatly, and the player would have to find and option they are most comfortable with.