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Best of Giant Bomb: 210 - Paopu

2021-05-09 14:14 Best of Giant Bomb

In this Best Of: A pokemon trading card unboxing, Kingdom Hearts Speedrun tutorial, more garage stuff, and how to kick flip a car.

Playdate: See You Next Game

2021-05-07 38:11 Features

Watch us bid our friends farewell as we all "Do the job".

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! THE FINAL DRUMMENING

2021-05-06 52:59

It's almost time for Alex to say goodbye to Giant Bomb, but we're gonna bang out one last playlist before it's time to hit the road.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 311

2021-05-06 18:57

This is it folks and the whole family is here to sendoff the number one podcast in the universe!

Quick Look: Resident Evil Village

2021-05-06 12:10 Quick Looks

Some say it takes a village to do a quick look, others say it only takes Brad and Vinny.

Garage Talk 5

2021-05-05 27:41

Jeff Gerstmann's mystery microwave... revealed!

Giant Bombcast 684: Brad's Leaving

2021-05-04 36:14 Giant Bombcast

The old hands of Giant Bomb come together for one more Bombcast to talk about some changes around these parts, reminisce about the past, and look to the future.

Quick Look: New Pokémon Snap

2021-05-04 30:58 Quick Looks

Award winning nature photographers, Vinny and Jan, embark on a journey to document nothing but Bidoofs.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 04/29/2021

2021-04-29 35:21

Please bear with me and my overheating webcam for the first few songs. After that, it's nothing but straight bangers the whole way through.

Quick Look: Returnal

2021-04-29 06:44

Jeff returns to Returnal and does some of the dashing, a little of the shooting, and a whole lot of the dying.